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A selection of recent projects...

- Workflow analysis and optimisation for product development (2014)

- Computer simulation study on formulated products (2014)

- Design of a capillary flow device (2014)

- Advice on statistical analysis techniques (2014)

- Contract research into chemical mixtures (2014)

- Project management of a multi-corporation R&D project (2014)

- Business planning for R&D outsourcing (2013)

- Project management of the development of a new R&D site (2013)

- Model development and application for industrial R&D (2013)

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Mesoscopic polymer simulation

Our mission is to facilitate the making of rational business and technical decisions.

To that end we offer consulting, training and contract services in decision making, data analysis and mathematical modeling. Our unique combination of management consulting, technical and scientific expertise is suitable for areas as diverse as HSE and R&D.


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"Before doing battle... one calculates and one will win because many calculations were done"

Sun Tzu, The Art of War