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Risk modeling

Industry expertise

Oil & Gas
Our consultants have in-depth domain knowledge of the oil industry, upstream as well as downstream, often gained in long industry careers with major oil companies.

Chemical industry
Our consultants are familiar with issues surrounding chemical product development. We also have specialized and sophisticated technical modeling capability for this area.

Consumer goods
We understand the impact of product performance on brand perception. Our consultants operate across the spectrum from brand definition through to product development and marketing.

Scientific software
As we ourselves are all three of users, buyers and vendors of scientific software we have a unique multi-perspective insight into this industry, which we make available through our management services.


Cross-industry expertise

Product Innovation Management
The key to growth is product innovation. And the key to product innovation is an efficient and effective R&D organization, one that combines free creativity with rigorously managed follow-up.

Risk management
Our risk management approach puts the emphasis on risk quantification. This allows system interactions to be modeled and analyzed so that overall risk can be mimimized in an objective fashion.

Portfolio management
A project portfolio can be managed to minimize risk, or to maximize profit - it is essential is that the goal is clear and explicit. Quantitative modeling is used to challenge or validate intuitive choices.

Industry knowledge, cutting-edge tools and methodologies, plus experience: with all that we still cannot predict the future but we can help identify relevant scenarios and plan a robust response.

Change management
We emphasize a rational and structured approach to problem solving, but we never forget the human dimension and we pay particular attention to organizational impact and change management issues.

Data analysis and decision support
Our statisticans and mathematicians can analyse and interpret the most complex datasets.

Modeling & simulation
We specialize in the design and development of computer models - for applications ranging from chemical research to car park design to consumer brand selection.


The client: Multinational company

The problem: Unused, vast, unstructured collection of safety data

Our contribution: A restructured dataset, analyzed using various statistical modeling techniques, to extract the essential factors to focus on so as to improve safety performance

Client benefit: Best use of limited management resources

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